Points awarded: 1st - 6 points, 2nd - 4 points, 3rd - 2 points. 

Leading Gentleman Rider
for the Eric Covell "Flintstone" Cup
1. Shane Roche
2. Charlie Marshall
3. Phil York 

Leading Lady Rider
for the Magaret Holland "Rough Scot" Cup
1. Izzie Marshall
2. Rose Grissell

Leading Gentleman Novice Rider
for the "Tern Eran" Cup
1. Ray Glennon

Leading Lady Novice Rider
for the Architade Trophy
1. Beth Mellish 

Leading Owner
for the John Hacking "Red Cast" Cup
1. Mr Ian Gibson - Indian Chance
2. Generous Ransom

Leading Novice Horse
for the Skinner Cup
1. Indian Chance
2. Lightonthemountain

Leading Homebred
for the "Marks Methane" Trophy
1. Margot Fontane 

Leading Veteran Rider
for the "Colonel Henry" Cup
1. Phil York

Leading Lady Owner Ridden Horse
for the "Red Marshall" Trophy
Cada Club - Hannah Jone s

Leading Gentleman Owner Ridden Horse
for the "Pleasure Prints" Challenge Trophy
1. Margot Fontane - Pete Bull

Leading Family Owner Ridden Horse
for the Ian Pattullo Memorial Cup
1. Margot Fontane