1. Come On You
    Come On You
  2. Adept Approach
    Adept Approach
  3. Glint Of Steel
    Glint Of Steel
  4. Little Legend
    Little Legend
  5. Time Is Tickin
    Time Is Tickin
  6. Conkies Lad
    Conkies Lad
  7. Letskeepit Simple
    Letskeepit Simple
  8. Counting House
    Counting House
  9. Margot Fontane
    Margot Fontane
  10. Crazy Eyes
    Crazy Eyes
  11. The Crafty Butcher
    The Crafty Butcher
  12. The Ferbane Man
    The Ferbane Man
Jumps Ten To Follow Charity Competition 2016/17
in aid of The Stevie Fisher Trust
13th October 2016

Now open to enter is the 2016/17 Jumps TTF Competition, with £1 of each £10 entry going to The Stevie Fisher Trust. Stevie is a hugely popular former jockey and current owner in the South East area, who is currently suffering from Locked-In Syndrome following a stroke.

10% of the entry money goes to The Stevie Fisher Trust with the remaining money split 70%, 20% and 10% to first, second and third, respectively. 

Last year the competition was dominated by the Siggers family, who had nine finishers in the top ten, with Dr Georgie Siggers coming out on top.

Details on how to enter can be downloaded here:

The entry form can be found here

Payment details to follow nearer the time. 

Entries close  12noon 11th November 2016.  
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