1. Come On You
    Come On You
  2. Adept Approach
    Adept Approach
  3. Glint Of Steel
    Glint Of Steel
  4. Little Legend
    Little Legend
  5. Time Is Tickin
    Time Is Tickin
  6. Conkies Lad
    Conkies Lad
  7. Letskeepit Simple
    Letskeepit Simple
  8. Counting House
    Counting House
  9. Margot Fontane
    Margot Fontane
  10. Crazy Eyes
    Crazy Eyes
  11. The Crafty Butcher
    The Crafty Butcher
  12. The Ferbane Man
    The Ferbane Man
2017 Fixture List
14th September 2016

The 2016/17 season fixture list has been released. 
The national season begins on the 27th November, when both Cottenham and Black Forest Lodge host their traditional opening meetings. 
The South East season begins on the 19th February at Charing. Godstone follows after a three week break, then Parham, Penshurst and Godstone again are all separated by a fortnight. Easter comes a few weeks later than last year, with Charing and Aldington racing on the 15th and 17th April, respectively. Penshurst comes after Easter, followed by Parham on the Saturday of the May Bank Holiday. This notable change to the fixture list means that Peper Harow has moved it's meeting back a fortnight to the 13th May. 
Meetings to note on a national scale include the International meeting at Barbury Castle on the 14th January, and the Anglo-Irish meeting at Kingston Blount on the 26th May. More information and a full fixture list can be found here
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  4. Penshurst 2016