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The Racing Post Weekender, in association with the Point-to-Point Racing Company, is to publish a weekly Point-to-Point supplement sponsored by Arena Racing Company and The Jockey Club.

The Point-to-Point Racing Company (PTPRC) is delighted to announce that national coverage of Point-to-Pointing is to return in print media via the Racing Post Weekender for the coming season which starts on 27th November.  
The weekly newspaper will carry the supplement, the Point-to-Pointing Weekly, which will be produced in association with the PTPRC. It will include meeting previews and reviews as well as entries, results and editorial features. The Racing Post Weekender is available from a Wednesday giving Point-to-Point enthusiasts plenty of time to plan for the weekend ahead. The first edition will be available from 23rd November and include a season preview.
The supplement will be sponsored by The Jockey Club and Arena Racing Company with both organisations recognising the need for a thriving Point-to-Pointing sector in order to ensure strong foundations for the whole of National Hunt racing.
It represents a vital step for the sport in terms of wide ranging national exposure and one which aligns with the ongoing marketing strategy of The Point-to-Point Authority (PPA).
The PTPRC will look after the page creation for the supplement alongside their existing responsibilities of managing Point-to-Pointing’s main website (www.pointtopoint.co.uk) and the weekly production of Go Pointing.
The full press release can be read here
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